Saturday, November 14, 2009

Should I switch to Disqus for comments?

I've added a poll to see if there is an opinion on using Disqus to manage comments. The nice thing would be that I could respond to comments from email instead of logging into the site.

Let me know what you think?



  1. That's probably a good idea.

    The other thing you could do is subscribe to your own blog and get emails each time someone comments. That's what I do. Then I use Thunderbird's filter to send it to a special folder.

  2. I actually do get comments sent to my email, but often I'm at work or away from the computer, so I end up not responding to the post for a long time even though I read it instantly. That was one reason why I was thinking about switching to disqus.

  3. Disqus seems to have their share of problems (just like any mail server) But then, I don't comment often! More of a lurker, just absorbing!!!

  4. It will certainly improve your blog :).

  5. I thing tomorrow is a decision day for SPX. If we will start to move down by the opening - the top is probably in. Otherwise it looks like we should be in the last wave [v] up. Strange, but /ES and SPX are looking different to the wave iv. In /ES the (i)-(ii) trendline is not crossed, but in SPX already.

    Here is my analysis.

  6. dr lievesey, I would say that 1100 is a place to draw the line on our wave 4 as I wouldn't even expect it to get much lower than it already is (see my analysis today). As for the next downtrend, 1080 is the key level to break.

  7. Disqus is a boon to Blog readers..... it accepts comments so fast.....

    I will continue to use Disqus .. it rocks

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